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ORGANISATION DETAILS:: Welcome to Life is the Way. At Life is the Way, we believe in providing a catalyst for positive change, building consistent growth and, above all else, becoming the best person you can possibly be. BIO:: Meet Tom Robb Tom’s story begins with a love for adventure, a passion for teaching and an eagerness to help others. Tom has been guiding groups in the outdoors for over 10 years. In that time he has obtained both his Diploma of outdoor recreation and Degree in outdoor and environmental education. Originally from the Victorian coast, Tom now lives and travels Australia in his 74 Kombi camper van called Lucinda. On the road, Tom runs motivational presentations covering topics such as; decision making, mental health, sustainability, and the benefits of good communication/relatability within the workplace. When Tom’s not guiding outdoor trips – or talking your ear off, he can be found busking, running “FUN YOGA” classes, mentoring, or selling Mindfulness Coffee from out of the van. All of this is done on a “pay what you feel basis” and is served up, at 60 smiles an hour ;) GO TO where you will find a more in-depth description on all 3 different presentations, testimonials and references :)

Special Services
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Mental Health/Well-Being
  • Resilience

WWCC no 0432441702

ABN no 32 239 580 160

Take The Apple is a motivational presentation based on decision making. We cover topics such as employment vs. university, drug and alcohol abuse, sex consent, depression, bullying, general well-being, image perception, and social media. These topics are delivered using a slide presentation that incorporates images, videos and the stories of real-life experiences to help influence young adults to feel confident in making the best decision in those tricky and inevitable real-life situations. The presentation has been received extremely well through schools across Australia and suits years 9 through 12. Life Is The Way respects and appreciates each schools values and morals and understand schools may require more or less emphasis on certain topics discussed in the presentation. We are more than happy to revise and appropriately adjust the preferred depth of discussion to suit. The presentation goes for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes Thank you.

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