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The Rite Path Leon Cossar

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Leon Cossar

Leon is a wilderness rites guide, story teller and poet. His presence, language and delivery have been weathered and crafted by the elements of the natural world, where he leads young men on life changing rites of passage programs and nature-based expeditions. Leon is a voice for young men and believes they are in desperate need for mentors who can guide their transition into early adulthood. As a story teller he uses the power of mythology to bring forth ancient wisdom, while engaging the imagination and resourcefulness of the youth. With a poetic agility and compassionate humour Leon traverses often difficult terrain as he delves into the areas of; Rites of Passage, Toxic Masculinity, Addiction, Depression, Suicide and Embodied Leadership as he takes the listeners on a Heroes journey. He is a passionate advocate for the need to re-introduce modern day rites of passage and stands on the shoulders of giants re-articulating to a modern world what the ancients always knew… “ If the boys aren’t given a rite of passage they’ll burn the village down just to feel the heat “ His presentations draw from sitting under a starry night cloak, to the crackling flickering glow of a hard wood fire after multiple days trekking or running rivers. It became a time when groups of young men both exhausted and far enough away from home would begin to share their inner worlds. Worlds that were often heavy with the burden of what it means to be a man in modern times and worlds that were anxious, depressed, confused, angry or lost. He believes when we provide the environment for young men to find their voice, explore their potential and discover their unique genius they begin to feel they have something meaningful to give the world and the world has something meaningful to give them. His presentations and workshops are timely antidotes to the mental health epidemic destroying our young men.

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The rite path is a captivating talk designed for boys transitioning the often difficult terrain from boys to young men. The aim of these talks is to provide both a greater field of awareness of this transition and to wake up the young man within the boy so he begins to act from a place of responsibility and integrity. The talk covers the areas of: 1. Rites of Passage 2. Toxic Masculinity 3. Boy vs Man psychology 4. Suicide 5. Depression 6. Anxiety 7. Resilience 8. The Hero's Journey and the Warrior archetype These talks are individually catered to the clients needs. Please get in touch with Leon if you have any questions. Mobile: 0427990008 Email:

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