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GeoGebra - Become A Proficient, Inspired Practitioner Richard Andrew

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Richard Andrew

Richard has spent 25 years in the classroom, 6 as a Head of Department. He runs high-quality, comprehensive, self-paced, online PD for teachers, mostly in the field of mathematics. The overarching theme is authentic (intrinsic) student engagement; namely, implementing strategies which empower students to take responsibility for and experience ownership over their learning. Within the field of mathematics education, specifically, we also show teachers how to present mathematics in ways that promote an 'Understanding-first, Procedures-second' approach. This is because we want to maximise the amount of lesson time students spend actually understanding the tasks they are working through. When teachers extensively use approaches that allow students to 'get their hands dirty' using their own thinking rather than blindly following procedures written on the board, maths lessons suddenly become a desirable place to be.

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This quality, 4-month, self-paced, online course is an easy path to GeoGebra proficiency! Becoming proficient with the use of GeoGebra is usually a challenging task, especially when learning via internet searches and/or face-to-face workshops. However, this self-paced, online course provides an efficient, easy and enjoyable pathway due to the course being a fully facilitated, 15-hours-over-16-weeks, guided learning journey. Participants have 24/7 access to this self-paced, online experience. In a nutshell ... Over 50 sequenced, quality GeoGebra files are demonstrated via expert videos. Participants: replicate the course files create files specifically for their own students share their files with course colleagues ​access and keep all files created by course colleagues implement GeoGebra with their students report back on their implementation experiences. Participants can start implementing GeoGebra into their teaching from as early as Topic Two. Everyone gets to complete the course! This is a self-paced course, with an allocated completion time of 16 weeks. However, as teachers have hectic lives and sometimes things get in the way of completing a course in the allocated time - be assured that if you are keen to complete, we will enable you to do so.

The GeoGebra Aspect

​​GeoGebra is free mathematics software, dynamically connecting concepts across numerous topics, 6-12.
This online course enables high school mathematics teachers to become proficient in the use of (computer-based) GeoGebra and to experience its transformative power.
Participants become better equipped to enhance student engagement and student understanding of the mathematics presented.
The course also provides examples of how GeoGebra can be used to create formative assessment opportunities and to help teachers provide feedback to students.

Course Specifics/Summary

Geometry, graphing, calculus, measurement, statistics, dynamic formula demonstrations, spreadsheet, inquiry-based files, student-centred investigations, examples of past participant submissions and more.

Course Modules

0. Overview / Getting Started ( 15 min )
Participants are welcomed to the course and 'meet' the presenter/facilitator. The course requirements are explained. Participants introduce themselves via an introductory post.  

1. Getting started with GeoGebra (2 hrs)
Basic GeoGebra skills development. Basic skills are taught in context. A working GeoGebra file is demonstrated via video. Participants manipulate the file on their computer. Participants are then guided through the steps and build the file. This process is repeated for approximately 10 files. At the conclusion of building this first series of files, participants have learnt a significant number of skills with GeoGebra.

2. Further skill development  (2 hrs)
This session builds upon the initial skills gained in Session Two and uses the same learning model. Files covered include reflected and rotated polygons, locus of a parabola, tangent to function, integration, use of sliders. Importantly, the ability to create dynamic text within GeoGebra files is introduced.

3. Consolidation through tasks(2 hrs)
This session introduces important new skills and techniques which increase the power of GeoGebra files, including snapping and deleting points, the bisector tools, the circle tools, the measure tools and the hide-show tool.

Reflective module 1: Conceptual understanding through clever GeoGebra files. (1.5 hrs )
What is conceptual understanding? Strategies to promote conceptual understanding in students - use of questioning, meta-cognition, creating a need to learn. Applying these conceptual teaching strategies when creating  GeoGebra files.

4. Clever tools and tricks  (2 hrs)
Now that most of the fundamental GeoGebra skills have been covered, participants are guided through files which combine various skills, as well as being introduced to some new ones. Files and skills include explorations of polygons, orthocentre of a triangle, a circumscribed circle, the median-centroid investigation.

5. Circle Geometry comes alive   (1 hr)
Dynamic Geometry really comes alive with Circle Geometry, and Circle Geometry is what this session is all about. Participants will be able to easily represent any and all of the circle theorems by the end of this session.

6. Creative Application & Implementation  (2 hrs)
In this session, participants spend time creating files for their own purposes. These files are then shared among participants. This means that in addition to the 50+ course files participants typically receive an additional 20-50+ quality Geogebra files via Topic 6. (Includes 30 min implementation allocation)

Reflective Module 2: Student-centred files and investigations (2 hrs)​​
Tips and traps to be aware of when running student-centred investigation; (and) read an article re this. Options for using GeoGebra for student-led investigations. The potential for genuine, student discovery of mathematical relationships; (and) read an article re this. Some examples of student-led investigations. Create at least two files which lend themselves to student investigation. (Preferably) trial the files and report back. (Includes 30 min implementation allocation)

7. Course Completion (15 min)
The course completion process including accreditation information, a short survey, staying in touch and options for continued access.

Example Implementation Reports

I have used Geogebra, largely for teaching functions across multiple grade levels. I have used it both for demonstration and as a student-centered investigation. 
I have found that I really need to think about my questioning beforehand, as good questioning is key to students understanding the concept. 

I find Geogebra the MOST useful when used as a student-centered investigation. Again, questioning needs to be well thought out, and guide students to arrive at conclusions. 

I used an already made GeoGebra file which looked at first principles, but carefully crafted an investigation which I printed and gave to students. In the past I have used this file to demonstrate and derive the formula for first principles. This year rather, in the investigation, I linked the curve give to a real-life application and used guiding questions to allow students to arrive at the formula for first principles themselves. 

I've just had student-parent-teacher conferences, and in each meeting, I quizzed the students and asked the "what is a derivative". Almost every student's response linked back to the GeoGebra investigation, and all the students correctly defined a derivative. I think my students have really gained a deep understanding, and I think this will work to their benefit as we use derivatives to solve application type problems. 
Laura Kleyn, The ISF Academy, Hong Kong, 4.10.19

Since starting this course I have made a deliberate effort to include Geogebra in my lessons, particularly with Year 10 Stage 5.3.

These students are genuinely interested in the process as well as the result and have picked up the use of sliders and dynamic text very quickly. They are now asking if Geogebra will be included each lesson and their investigative skills have really kicked on. The discussions that have evolved through Geogebra have been pleasantly surprising.

I have also worked with Year7 and 8 classes, initially demonstrating some concepts, however it wasn't long before the students wanted to drive the lessons and get some hands-on experience. Demonstrating some more complex concepts with advanced files has also encouraged some of the more capable students to explore further. I now look forward to 2019 and including Geogebra in the new Senior Mathematics Syllabus lessons. 

I have used Geometry concepts, Linear Relationships, Data, and Trigonometry Geogebra concepts to date with high levels of success.

I now feel confident enough with Geogebra to create my own engaging lessons that will be both teacher and student-centred and hopefully drive students to succeed in Mathematics in the years ahead.
Ian Atkinson,
Cessnock High School Nov 2018

Example Testimonials

I really liked the format of the course.  As an American, I have taken other online courses before and did not really get any feedback from the instructor other than a grade for a paper I had to write.  The video tutorials were very helpful in learning the program.  I liked that the learning was scaffolded.  We started out just by doodling, then went to replicating files off a video, then construct files, and finally we created files on our own.  It was well structured and I felt like there was support if I needed it throughout the course.  I was inspired by the course to try to make my class more student centered and can't wait to start using Geogebra at the start of the school year. Lori Babel, Emmaus High School, Pennsylvania, USA, June 2018

I am presently teaching at an American and IB curriculum based school in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Prior to joining this course, I used GeoGebra purely as a demonstration tool mostly for graphing functions. This course has given me the skills to use  GeoGebra as an effective demonstration, exploration and investigation tool across the varied topics in mathematics. The course is well paced and positively engaging. The activities are given
in "bite" sizes with sufficient time to assimilate the knowledge and practice the demonstrated skill, thereby equipping  you to produce your unique set of purposeful GeoGebra activities.
This has been an exciting learning adventure and kudos to the course instructors for their quick response constructive feedback and effective classroom practices.  Roshan - Abu Dhabi UAE

As someone who has avoided "professional development" for many years, I started the course with a feeling of dread. While it has been time-consuming and I certainly felt a lot of pressure at times to get things done, I feel that doing the course has been very worthwhile. The best aspect of the course was the instructional videos that we started with. These allowed me to quickly feel that GeoGebra would be a worthwhile use of my time. Also, seeing what other teachers have created has been positive. The course has definitely inspired me to incorporate GeoGebra into my teaching. Thank you, Richard, for putting this course together and for all your prompt replies to posted comments/files. A well run course.​Mike Smith, St Gregory's College Campbelltown, April 2009

This course is a PD must for all Mathematics teachers. I always wanted to use more of technology in the classroom to encourage students to make positive use of technology. I am glad I did this course as I have learnt heaps which will certainly help me to deliver more technology-rich engaged lessons. The course modules are time-consuming though and one needs to understand the program clearly to be highly skilled in it. However, most aspects are mind blowing and the aha moments have been fun. Thank you for creating such a useful course for Mathematics teachers. Francis Fernandes, Evans High School, October 2019

The most important aspect of the course were the file creations. It gives a hands-on aspect while accomplishing something that can be used in my classes. It has opened my mind to stop being the control freak and allow students to explore and play with mathematics, while learning at the same time. I want to continue using GeoGebra in class and inspire students to think about the mathematics they learn and not just repeat processes. Matthew Hayes, Narooma High School, Feb 2019

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