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Our mission: Every student, becoming their best. WE DO THIS BY… Making scientifically grounded strategies engaging, relevant, challenging, practical and inspiring for schools. We specialise in building growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership by facilitating exceptional incursions. In 2020, our team will positively impact 50000+ students through exceptional incursions.

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATORS Key concepts covered: This Professional Development is designed to guide schools through some of the contemporary research and practice about wellbeing. The work centres around Martin Seligman’s PERMAH model. It will also share useful ways of applying wellbeing practices that have been curated by Unleashing Personal Potential. The presentation outlines relevant research through stories, shares case studies of schools who have taken action and made an impact, and gives real-life examples and practical takeaways curated from Luke McKenna’s experience as an Assistant Principal and as Director of Unleashing Personal Potential. This workshop is an awesome opportunity to learn, reflect, grow, share and take action on helping improve wellbeing for staff and students at your school. Program Options (Choose from 60 minute sessions, up to a full day with your staff): Session #1- An introduction to wellbeing with PERMAH (a highly engaging combination of research and practice) Session #2- Personal Wellbeing Practices for each of the PERMAH elements (with a focus on practices that teachers can use to enhance their own wellbeing, as well as how teachers can lead wellbeing practices with their students) Session #3- The PERMAH Survey, Personal Wellbeing Plans and creating an Implementation plan for your school (where the rubber meets the road…allowing participants to shape their own wellbeing plans, as well as building a whole school or department level implementation plan). UPP founder, Luke McKenna is an educator and author who specialises in working with schools to build growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing and leadership for all students. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as a classroom teacher and school administrator. Luke has worked with educators and students across Australian Primary and Secondary schools from the Independent, Catholic and Public sectors. He holds degrees in Business and Education, a Masters of Educational Leadership, and a Professional Certificate in Positive Education. Luke regularly speaks at Conferences around Australia. His work has been published in the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling, Happy Schools and The Positive Times. He is the author of THRIVE: Unlocking the truth about student performance and MAKING WELLBEING PRACTICAL: An effective guide to helping schools thrive. This professional development can be presented to your staff by Luke or by one of UPP’s exceptional facilitators.

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