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Learn about the FamilyBookform writing/story-collecting/book-creating technology. Empower students to speak (any language), write, interview & collect content into printable digital books of value for authentic audiences. Student's have agency & emotional connection, generating oxytocin & an interest in learning, their content enriches explicit lessons and books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold to families. The dashboard scaffolds personalised & differentiated 'Communication for Connection' activities, so students autonomously use tech-as-a-tool to develop academic & Social Emotional Learning skills. Digital books online for 1 year, template pages & question prompts, up to 200 contributors to each book, 2 hours speech-to-text (any language), download audio & PDF to print-on-demand. FREE demo book - Teachers automatically collect student's content into Collaborative Class books. Or, $10 per book-creating license per student - Students create their own Collaborative Books (on any topic) with family & community. Google Partner, integrated into Classroom, available on Chromebooks & any device connected to WiFi. Comply with all privacy & data storage requirements. Book-creating Competition with monthly cash prizes.

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Write of Passage project:


Students visit aged care & interview residents to automatically create memoirs to sell to them & their families:


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Mother's Day STEAM project:

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